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Pulau Sibu (Sibu Island)

Sibu Island (Pulau Sibu) is an unspoilt tropical island Paradise off the Peninsular's East Coast, facing the South China Sea. Pulau Sibu Besar means 'Big Sibu island' in Malay, Sibu Island is approximately 6km long and 1km wide, the island abounds with lush tropical vegetation, and is noted for its beaches, hills, cliffs and exotic bird population. Sibu is part of a small group of islands including Pulau Sibu Tengah, Pulau Sibu Hujung, Pulau Kukus and Pulau Tinggi. On the southern end of Sibu Island there is a small fishing village with a population of less than a hundred people.

Pulau Sibu

Facing Sibu Island on the west is the better known majestic island of Tinggi Island and a few smaller uninhabited islands. Sibu Island is smaller and less commercial than Tioman Island or Rawa Island. Sibu Island is located within the same Johor Marine Park as Tioman Island, but with only a handful of divers exploring the many dive sites around Sibu Island. The scuba diving here is excellent.

Almost untouched by progress, Sibu Island is the perfect island getaway near Singapore in Malaysia from busy city life. The island is very popular with tourists visiting from Europe, America, Australia and Singapore. Only 3 hours from the centre of Singapore, Sibu Island is far enough to escape the buzz of the big city into a tropical paradise. Private boats to the island leave from Tanjung Leman on the Mainland (just off the Johor to Mersing road). On Sibu Island, there are the numerous outdoor activities, kelong fishing trips being particularly popular.

Scuba diving is also a good option as this area was designated a Marine Park in 1993 for the conservation of the marine life in the surrounding water. The lush tropical vegetation of Sibu is perfect for a bit of jungle trekking. While you wont need serious equipment to brave the 15-20 minute walks that take you from one resort to another, a good insect repellent is a must.

The panoramic sea views, the coral reefs and the white sandy beaches make Sibu a special place, where the only risk is to fall in love with the idyllic island life. Have a peaceful, private holiday, enjoy some sea sports or just relax in paradise. 

Most of these islands continue to be uninhabited but, luckily, on Pulau Sibu Besar, various resorts have opened their doors, providing a tropical escape for those needing a break from city life.


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